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m, 5wk, ml, 1vk, zl4, boi, dm, oth, 45, hw2, i6g, a04, MS Dhoni Said That His Team's Hard Work Has Finally Paid Off After Winning Over MI With Five Wickets - The Tech Education
MS Dhoni
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MS Dhoni Said That His Team’s Hard Work Has Finally Paid Off After Winning Over MI With Five Wickets

MS Dhoni recently said that he is proud of his teammates for showing immense efforts during the match. CSK won against the Mumbai Indians with five wickets, making quite a victory in the IPL opener on this Saturday.

CSK’s Ambati Rayudu and Faf Du Plessis had a fantastic partnership of 115- runs during the match. Piyush Chawla, on the other hand, was exceptional with his balling skills and aided by like Deepak Chahar and Lungi Ngidi.

What Did MS Dhoni Say During The Post Match Presentation Ceremony?

MS Dhoni said that the experience pays off after playing several matches and a lot of games. He then said that 300 ODIs has always been a dream for every cricket player. He also said that when a player is placed with XI on the field, then there’s a need for youngsters and experienced players. Dhoni said all these things after the post-match presentation ceremony.

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Why Did MS Dhoni Said That There Should Be A Mixture Of Seniors With Young Player?

Dhoni said in the interview that the young players need guidance from the experienced one. However, the seniors guide the young players during the practice session for almost 60- 70 days. He also said about how his team gained some knowledge and experience from their first match.

The captain of CSK said that his team players practice enough, but when its time for them to play into the field, they need to analyze their conditions and give their best.

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He gave the example of a few bowlers from his team and said that it took some time to know the length of the pitch. He also marked problems within his team and said that they need some more improvement.

Dhoni goes by saying that the team will surely get the upper hand if they managed to score in the first half without losing any wickets. He also praised Rayudu for making a good partnership with Faf DU Plessis.

Why Rohit Sharma Was Upset With His Team Performance?

Mumbai Indian, on the other hand, had an initial destructive momentum at the beginning of the match. Rohit Sharma said on the post-match presentation that none of their batsmen scored like how Raydu and Du Plessis did.

He also appreciated the CSK’s bowlers for pulling things back during the end of the match.

Rohit Sharma said that there’s more to learn from this tournament and its essential to gain the momentum in this game. He then ended by saying that they will look where they lacked and work on them to improve.

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