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Smartphone From Moto, Here Are The Specifications - The Tech Education
Moto G9 Plus
Moto G9 Plus
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Moto G9 Plus: Another Mid-Range Smartphone From Moto, Here Are The Specifications

Motorola is one of the mass Smartphone manufacturers in the world. The company not only makes smartphones but also makes many Electronic gadgets. It has released many smartphones which not only have High Specs but also have Low – Spec. The company provides a wide range of choices to consumers so that they can afford a new phone based on their spec requirements. Recently, Moto has released a new mid-range smartphone Motorola One Fusion+ which has received many positive reviews and ratings. The company is on its way to release another mid-range smartphone called Moto G9 Plus and almost every specification of the device has released except for some. Let us talk about the leaked official specifications of Moto G9 Plus.

Moto G9 Plus Render

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Specifications Of Moto G9 Plus

The device comes with a 6.8″ IPS LCD display with a hole-punch on the top left of the display. In addition to this, the device has a resolution of  1080 x 2400px resolution. The memory variants of the device are not yet clear, but the internal storage of the device is 128GB together with 4GB of RAM. The device does support expandable storage with the help of MicroSD card.

When it comes to the camera setup, the device comes with five camera units with four on the rear and one on the front. The camera specifications of the device aren’t listed except for the rear primary shooter. The device has a 64MP main shooter and the rest of the camera units might be Ultra-wide, Macro and Depth sensors.

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When it comes to the battery, the device runs on a 500omAh cell and supports quick charging support. The device doesn’t support 5G and it only supports 4G with two 4G SIM slots. Talking about Biometric Authentication, the device features a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for unlocking the device. As usual, the device runs on Android 10 with Moto UI on top.

The device is only available in Blue colour and costs 235EUR. Moto hasn’t announced anything about the device so far and these are the leaks from the official website. There is no info about the type of the chipset and camera specifications, so we need to wait for the company to release more updates on the device.

Moto G9 Plus
Moto G9 Plus Price Info

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