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More Than A Dozen Western States Hit By Wildfire!

Destructive wildfire continues to rage through more than a dozen Western states. More than 100 significant fires have consumed almost 7000 square miles and land almost equal to the size of New Jersey.

Oregon, California And Washington

Oregon, California, and Washington among the other states are facing an emergency due to some weather conditions. The National Fire Information Centre informed.

Nineteen deaths in California, three in Oregon, and one in Washinton have been reported.

Moreover, Oregon authorities state that more than 500,000 people have been evacuated statewide. Nearly ten people in North California’s Butte County have died. Hundreds of home got destroyed, and dozens are missing from a place 125 miles Northeast of San Francisco.

The Damage Is Unreal

Wildfire in Northern California

Amidst the tightening situation of COVID19, the damage that the wildfires have caused seems unreal and dangerous.

California has already endured six out of the twenty most massive wildfires in its history. Out of these six, three come under top four. Oregon and Washington have also suffered from historic blazes and wind-driven fires.

Since January, wildfires in California have burned around 5,000 square miles. Three people died in Oregon because of a series of fire. Approximately, 937 miles of terrain in Washington has been charged by wildfire.

According to AccuWeather, poor air quality will continue in Northwest, Great Basin, California and other states across West.

The stagnant air mass will keep the area dealing with wildfire in smoke. Therefore, degraded air quality will allegedly continue to prevail for around seven weeks.

Coronavirus makes the situation more challenging for people. Since group shelters are prohibited, people need to look for hotels.

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Hope, people return to their residences as soon as possible.



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