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Biden’s Love For The China Products Is The Reason Why People Lost Jobs In The US, Speaks Navarro!

We all know or even we have the slightest idea that America is not only suffering from Coronavirus but they are also loosing employment. Yes, America has seen the shut down of more than 5 Million manufacturing companies from 2000 to 2014. However, the reason to this can be many things. But Biden’s love for china products can be the utmost one, says Navarro.

Peter Navarro is the white house trader advisor. The one who knows foremost that what will be good for a place like America. He further blamed that the unemployment and the shutdown was caused because of Biden’s china policy.

Navarro State Facts?

70,000 lost factories, Yes, that’s the number of factories that have been shut down due to Biden’s love for china products. 5 million manufacturing countries shut down in the span of 14 years. And all the workers stayed unemployed. No wonder people are waiting to hear for the second stimulus check from the government.

Navarro then started stating facts that how much unrest will be caused if Biden won the election. Biden has always been in the favor of ‘made in china’ products.

According to the Economists who were asked to make a report out of this said “growing trade deficits in manufacturing products prior to the Great Recession. And then the massive output collapse during the Great Recession”.

The advisor also said that if Biden became the President it will be the end of Americans. His statement “devastation in the Midwest, our blue-collar workers just getting hammered,” proved it.

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He was seen interviewing in the ‘Sunday morning futures’.

‘Trump to just Put Out Policies’

While interviewing, he also said that Trump was being so modest at his time when he came along. Trump said that how bad it is and hoe things should be fixed and he will fix them in due time.

But soon Trump did nothing and just put out policies. Policies that did nothing and didn’t really help anyone. Those policies were lowering the corporate income tax to bring investment on-shore, steel and aluminum tariffs, or buy American.”

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The 2020 Presidential elections would finally define the future of America. Before anything else America needs a President who would actually care. About what citizens need. And also about what citizens has to say.

White house advisor then said that how great and how mighty it will be for America if they open the shut factories again. So many wage workers and so many factory will get jobs and amazing wages.

We hope America soon finds out their way. Stay tuned!


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