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b, j6k, Mom To Be Camilla Thurlow Glows Like Never Before, As She Shares A Cute Selfie Flaunting Her Baby Bump On Instagram - The Tech Education
Camilla Thurlow
Source: Daily Mail
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Mom To Be Camilla Thurlow Glows Like Never Before, As She Shares A Cute Selfie Flaunting Her Baby Bump On Instagram

Camilla Thurlow is 35 weeks pregnant. And has shared an absolutely adorable picture on her Instagram.

Camilla Thurlow Posts An Adorable Selfie

The star best known for her role in Love Island is expecting her first child with beau Jamie Jewitt. And she took to Instagram to share a little bit of details about her pregnancy with a really charming selfie.

Thurlow was all smiles as she posed for the selfie. In the picture she is seen posing leisurely on the couch in a grey top and skin tight black leggings.

Camilla Thurlow
Source: Instagram

And her cute baby bump was indeed visible in the picture.  Just like her picture even her caption was eye catching! As in the caption she mentioned that she is 35 weeks pregnant.

And also revealed that all are clothes are actually getting smaller! Thus revealed her pregnancy struggle in a hilarious way. As she termed that getting bigger in size means getting bigger clothes! As in her old clothes no longer fit her accurately.

But we must say that it was really an adorable and a hilarious way to talk about pregnancy and its struggles.

Her New Book

So Thurlow has tried her hand in writing as well. As she is ready with her first book ‘Not The Type: Finding My Place In The Real World.’

Camilla Thurlow
Source: Daily Mail

And she revealed the first look of the book during a virtual chat with Andi Peters. So during the chat she revealed a lot about her new book. And said that it is actually a memoir of everything she has gone through in her struggle to find courage and success.

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Moreover Thurlow also revealed about her life as a bomb disposal expert and also said the this books has all the devastating encounters she had during her work days.

Thus giving reference to when she was working in countries like Afghanistan and Cambodia. Although she revealed that her job as a bomb disposal expert had really brought drastic changes in her life.

And she has penned all her struggles and different encounters in her upcoming book.

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