Virgin River Season 2
Virgin River Season 2

Virgin River Season 2: Is Back On Netflix! Leaks And Rumors!

In December 2019, Netflix premiered Virgin River’s first-ever season, based on a novel of the same name by Robyn Carr. It didn’t take time for the show to become a hit among the fans. The show revolves around Melinda Melroe, who is desperately in search of jobs. She answers a call and accepts the position of becoming a midwife in a Californian town called Virgin River.

However, life isn’t what she thinks of it. Her world slowly collapses as her past begins to haunt her again and all the pain she leaves behind slowly starts to turn up. The show resonated well with the fans and they are in for a treat as the show has been renewed for a season 2 by Netflix.


However, there is still no confirmation regarding its release date. The ongoing pandemic has made things worse for the world as well as for production activities. Sources say that we may see its release in fall 2020. Fans are taking it to twitter to share how they felt about season 1.

They are impatiently waiting for season 2 as they claim that it is one of the best binge-worthy shows they’ve seen for a while. We are yet to see season 2’s trailer release.

Virgin River" Season 2: Release Dates, Cast, and More To Know ...


Mel leaves the big city and decides to work in a small city called the Virgin River in hopes to find a better life. However, things escalate and she comes to know that not all people are welcoming in nature. Her new boss makes things more difficult as he is kind of a crook in nature. Soon, she finds an abandoned baby whom she adapts after a lot of heavy discussions. The ending of the show sees Mel reeling and Jack is not able to make a decision as Charmaine forces him to. A storm struck the town,  that’s how they find Jack stuck in his bar. A lot of revelations uncover about Mel in his bar.

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