Mistakes To Avoid When You Are Writing Your College Essay


Just as there are noteworthy examples of essays that are discussed among professors, there are cringe-worthy examples as well that become the subject of dissection among the professors.

While we won’t guarantee that by following our method, your essay will come out A+, we can promise you that it won’t come out bad.

In this article, we will discuss the mistakes that students make and end up writing an essay that becomes a laughable stock.

Why It’s Important To Avoid Mistakes When Writing College Essays?

A college essay is one of the key components of the college scoring system. While it doesn’t decide everything, it certainly helps teachers and professors to know the depth of each student.

In fact, many college admissions have essay writing assignments to judge whether or not students hold the capability to study in college.

That makes essay writing an important venture for students. While you can always take help from an online essay writing service, writing one feels like your great achievement.

However, if you are writing essays on your own, there are a few mistakes that you need to keep in mind.

Avoid Essay With Cliches

One of the biggest mistakes students make while writing essays is that they don’t make the essay interesting. They simply look at essay writing assignments as writing assignments. Simple words with few points, and that’s it. This makes the entire essay boring and cliche.

Just because you are writing an essay, it doesn’t mean you have to sound exclusive or profound. This is because almost all readers accept that they will get to see this kind of writing. But, frankly speaking, it takes all the excitement away.

In fact, most readers might not even read the essay completely.

The purpose of writing an essay should be to showcase your self-confidence, your intellect, self-awareness, and your goal in the essay. This is what will make the differences among hundreds of essay writing.

If you are trying too hard to sound special, you will end up sounding exactly the same as the others. You have plenty of resources to work with. Ensure that you are making the most out of it.

Essay Giving Out Too Much Personal Information

You must have heard people saying to add your personal information or statement in essay writing. Well, that is an old concept now. Today, people are more into facts and not what you personally think. So the only time your personal opinion will matter is when they are asked, or you are someone best in your field.

Yes, your college essay is not only about knowing your academic achievements but also your personal achievements. But don’t go overboard with it. You need to know that if you talk too much about yourself, you won’t be able to discuss the main topic at hand.

It is important to balance how much you would talk about yourself in the essay and about the topic.

Even though the topic is about religion, you are not allowed to fully support one. Yes, you can talk about all religions from a neutral point of view. But there also, you need to maintain personal boundaries.

That is a key life skill college admission communities are looking for.

Avoid Sympathetic Tone

Using a sympathetic tone – it shares the same popularity as sharing too much information about yourself in an essay writing.

So what do you mean by a sympathetic tone? Well, when you talk about a long list of things that have happened to you in the past and want teh college admission committee to know so that they can have pity on you. And with pity, we mean accepting your application forms.

To tell you the truth, the sympathy approach is most likely not going to work. This is because, if this approach is entertained, there are a lot of students that have gone through many things in their life – accepting one means, they need to accept all the other students.

If you really want to use these events in the essay writing, instead of asking for sympathy, write how they have molded you as a human being, what you have learned from the events, and how you were able to handle all the adversaries.

Show them how these events have helped you grow up.

Missing Out On Your Proofread/Editing

A sure way to put all your efforts into the dustbin is not to proofread your work. After you have completed writing your essay (which you think is a masterpiece), proofreading is important. It helps you find all the grammatical errors you have made and all those typo errors that look funny.

You should invest almost one-fifth of the total time spent on essay writing to proofread the work.

Start by reviewing and revising essays yourself. Once you are done, ask your family members or friends to have a look and what suggestions they can give to you. This will not only help you find those small mistakes that passed your proofread radar but also help you with valuable advice.

If you still think there are still some issues with the essay and you can’t just point them out, You can always seek professional help with proofreading. Even if you feel like it’s a waste of time, you must remember the hard work and effort you have put into the essay. Don’t ruin it by not ending it properly.

Finally, Waiting Until The Last Minute To Complete The Essay

This mistake is related to students being lazy or overestimating their skills. We have seen students waiting for the last week to complete their essays. If that is not surprising enough, some even pull a whole nighter before the submission of the assignment.

There is nothing wrong with that as long as you complete your work. The only problem with waiting until the last moment to complete is that you rush to finish the work.

The key aspect of essay writing that makes it interesting is its process. Unfortunately, we somehow lose the process while rushing to complete the work.

Get started early; you will stress less and will enjoy the overall process.

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