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Mistakenly Disclosing Statements From Donald Trump Supporter’s At RNC

The Republican National Convention was full of lies about the Donald Trump And his Management. This was very unsurprising which the Republican Party and its Democrats told us at the RNC. While speaking of lies that slipped from there tongue and told us some insider secrets and truths in their Speeches.

Source; The Boston globe

Well some of them seem to come out unintentionally. So, here are five statements which have been claimed to reveal:-

1. Ivanka Trump:-” The Results Speaks For Themselves”

“I recognize that my dad’s style is not to everyone’s test,” she said. ” And I know that his tweets can feel unfiltered. But the results? The results speak for themselves.” Don’t you think that line seemed to be played pretty well with Republican convention attendees? Just consider the trap setting:-RNC held at the White House, against the law, during the pandemic. Huh!While the countries coronavirus cases deaths have crossed 180000 + and unemployment is in the double digits. Many movements and Protestors are clashing down the streets. Isn’t it Ironic!  Trump and his Advocates think that turn these all. Well, the voters are stupid to fall for this trap!

2. Kevin McCarthy:-“Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Think This Election Is About He Government. They’re Wrong

He went on to quote that  “Your family and Your Future”.But technically the main reason behind the election that can best represent and also protect the interest of your family. But McCarthy is right the truth about that they are really not interested run a functioning government. They use the government for cutting taxes and corporations. Instead, they do campaigns that aren’t really the issue for what the government is responsible. While Democrats are really interested in health care, fighting climate change, etc.

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Donald Trump

3. Mike Pence: “Make America Great Again, Again”

Is It I or Everybody else thinks that the closing like of Mike Pench’s speech was supposed to be hilarious. It is a false fact that the Trump Campaign had planned on running with the 2020 Slogan,” Keep America Great”. But it seemed that that phrase did seem to have much get attention this year’s election rather than “Make America Great Again, Again”. Pench seemed to believe that we should give a second chance! Do you think so? Think about it.

4. Dana White, The President Of UFC: “Let’s Re-elect President Trump. Let Figure Out The Problem And Continue To Find Its Solution

Don’t you think that this is something discouraging to the trump followers, they can definitely lose some of their votes in this year’s election? This Campaign should tell us about the solution to our problems.  We are not giving a chance to continuing the findings of the solution. Now it is giving us doubt to Re-elect our president or not?

5 Donald Trump “We Laid Off Workers In Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennslyvania, And Many Other States. They Didn’t Want to Hear Biden Hollow Words of Empathy. They Wanted Their Jobs Back”.

Trump wants to shut up those critics for once and all. He also revealed that attacks on him made his head scratch. It also showed that Biden is an emotional and compassionate son of his father, a complete contrast. Well, all of them try to make him good leaders in the eyes of Democrats.

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