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Here Is How A Public Act By A White Boy, Black Boy And A Blonde Girl Revealed Racist Mindset Of Some People.

A social experiment by three people exposed the racist mindset of some people. And maybe this experiment was good enough to tell us that why racism is at its peak in the US.

The Experiment Which Revealed The Racist Mindsets Of The People

There was a show aired a few years back title ‘ What Would You Do’?  In this show the actors use to do small social experiments in the public. And thus record the public reactions through their hidden camera.

Source: youtube.com

So in that show there was this particular experiment having three actors. There was a black man, white man and a beautiful blonde girl and their task was that they would pretend to steal a bike.  Therefore during the social experiment three of them had their turns.

And the public reactions on each one of them was different. Thus proving that many people still judge others on the basis of race and gender.

The Public Reaction

Well as they actors has to carry the experiment in turns. So the white guy went in first. As he was pretending to still a bike with all his burglary tools he was interrupted by many strangers. And was asked whether the bike was his. To which he replied ”not exactly.”

But even after replying that the bike doesn’t belong to it the people don’t find anything fishy. Only a couple tried to stop him and also one black women doubted on him. But her statement was racist. As she said that she has never seen white man carrying burglary tool. Therefore she has a little doubt.

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Source: youtube.com

After this the black guy started doing the same. But the reaction he got was way too different. As he got surrounded by everyone and they people even called the cops.

But when the same thing was done by the beautiful blonde girl, some people actually stopped her to help her break the lock. And didn’t even doubt on her.

So what does this experiment actually proves? The public’s reaction on the very same act varied when it came to race and gender. And maybe that is when racism and other social issues takes birth..

And you must be wondering on why this old experiment is being discussed. Well looking at the civil unrest in the US and some other nations we are bound to admit that racism still exists. Gender inequality is still running on our veins.

And that is the reason we need to understand that race, gender, religion doesn’t matter. Because if people get discriminated everyday on the basic of their race or gender than peace will never prevail in any nation.

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