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Anthony And Kardashian Collaborating For SKIMS – “Lala Is A Supportive Friend” Says Kardashian.

In the completion of SKIMS, Kardashian and Anthony is seen, celebrating it lavishly. Yes, its been one year to the successfully running shape wear brand by Kim. The actor hired eight loyal customers to model in different sets.

“To celebrate our upcoming @SKIMS 1 year anniversary on September 10th, we’re giving thanks to our amazing community!”

 SKIMS Campaign.

Lala Anthony one of the closest friends of the SKIMS founder showed her excitement towards this collaboration. All the members participating in the campaign are so happy. 39-year-old Kim also says how kind and supporting her friends have been.

“I’m so excited to introduce our Anniversary Campaign featuring our biggest fans and a some of the most beautiful women who inspire me.” says the wife of Kanye West.

Anthony gushes about how amazing Kim is. Reports also says that these girlfriends have been through thick and thin. Always supporting and inspiring each other.

“…She comes up with these concepts, she executes them so amazingly, and then you see it go from, like, an idea, to this huge, huge company and it’s like, wow.”

Owner of SKIMS recruited Vanessa Beecroft for the photography session. Amazing other public figures including Rumer Willis, Jodie Turner Smith, Addison Rae, Precious Lee, Yovanna Ventura, Amelia Grey Hamlin and Delilah Belle Hamlin have been seen.

Our fans and our customers are always our biggest inspiration behind the brand and so to celebrate this milestone we’re going to be gifting our biggest fans and our best customers all of this exclusive SKIMS merch,” Kardashian West said.

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So, based on this the owner sent 100 gift boxes to 100 lucky and loyal customers thanking them for their support.

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Anthony Being A Cheerleader.

There is no doubt that Anthony is an amazing business women and manages both her career and relationships well. She always supports, encourages and sticks through her girlfriend.

Fans are awed to see these amazing women building each other without the ulterior motives of jealousy. They are the biggest cheerleaders for one another.

These girlfriends surprise the other with news so great that it makes the other speechless. Just like, Kardashian surprised Lala with her photograph streaming on the New York’s billboard. Lala’s reaction to this was- “I was absolutely shocked when @kimkardashian SURPRISED me with a billboard.”

Way to go women!


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