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f, o, jtd, bj, c, n5, 57a, f, 85z, shz, Miley Cyrus: The Songstress Raises Temperature With Her Latest Snaps On Instagram! 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Miley Cyrus
Source: Instagram
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Miley Cyrus: The Songstress Raises Temperature With Her Latest Snaps On Instagram! Check It Out

Miley Cyrus never fails to amaze us with her songs as well as her bold sense of style. And even this time she posted really bold snaps of her on Instagram!

Miley Cyrus Goes All Bold In Black Body Stocking

The Midnight Sky singer posted some really bold and gorgeous pictures of her on Instagram. Cyrus posted three back to back pictures where she looked absolutely stunning in a bold black body stocking.

Miley Cyrus
Source: Daily Mail

The 27 year old singer carried the transparent outfit quite boldly. And undoubtedly we all loved her look. This post came just a day before her performance in the upcoming iHeartRadio Music Festival. The music diva expressed her excitement on this upcoming festival through her Instagram posts.

The Hannah Montana star completed her look with a bold red lipstick and glittery eye look, which is absolutely the Miley Cyrus thing!

Series Of Heart Breaks

Cyrus and her ex-boyfriend parted ways recently after being together for 10 months. And this was an absolute shock for everyone to see the much in love couple part ways.

Miley Cyrus
Source: Google

Post the breakup, Cyrus has stated that the couple parted ways for their highest good. And they hold no grudges against each other. Moreover she also said that she wants all her time to focus on herself for the time being. On asking about her idea of an ideal partner, Cyrus said that she will probably settle for a more matured kind of a relationship.

Moreover, it is also said that her relationship with Simpson was just a rebound. As she wanted to get over her divorce with husband Liam Hemsworth after 10 years of togetherness. This split had completely broken Cyrus and she wanted solace.

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Although Liam and Cyrus never really revealed the reason behind their split after 10 long years. But it is speculated that Cyrus had cheated on him with another woman.

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