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Miley Cyrus Suffer Another Sad Loss In Her Life And Needs Support From Ex Husband Liam

Miley Cyrus, the pop singer and an actress has been going through a lot just a little bit more than others in this year.

Miley’s grandma Loretta Finley passed away recently, and Miley hasn’t been the same since.

Miley’s Loss

Miley Cyrus
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The singer did an emotional tribute to her by posting pictures and songs on behalf of her. She may be collected right now, but it wasn’t like that at first.

When Miley came to know about the death of her grandma, she was beyond devastated and needed a shoulder to cry on.

She recently broke up with her boyfriend Cody Simpson, but she opted for someone whom she has known for most of her life, Her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

Even though they were only together for eight months in the marriage, it’s obvious why Miley looked to him for emotional support.

Liam’s Mindset

Miley Cyrus
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But Liam seems to have moved on with his girlfriend, Gabriella Brooks.

And whenever he was questioned about Miley, he dodges them or looks uncomfortable to answer them.

He wants to focus on his work and family the most and leave behind the past, although he wishes good for Miley he wants to stay clear of going back as much as he can.

Liam’s family think the same, they never liked the relationship in the first place but something that has been around for more than ten years cant be cut down like that.

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