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Zoom: The Video Calling App Is Reportedly Sharing User Data With Facebook

The viral outbreak has forced every one of us to work from home.

From small scale businessmen to Global stack holders,

everyone is making up the work from their respective home

and is entirely relying on conference apps like Zoom and Microsoft.

This article focuses on one such video conference app named Zoom

which has reportedly been found to share user data with Facebook.


Is It True ??


Zoom has been reportedly accused of sharing user’s data with Facebook.

While many have ultimately been winding it off as a rumour,

it has indeed been confirmed to be true.


Researches conducted by Motherboard has revealed that

it has been transferring analytical data to Facebook even when a user

is not a Facebook user.


According to the reports, it shares with personal pieces of information of a user

like that of his/her location, device and timings,

which can be further used to generate and target ads.


Though, there has not been any direct evidence found

that proves Zoom to share with sensitive personalized information of a user

with Facebook.

But the accusation is enough to put it in the centre of the debate.



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How is Zoom Able To Access FB Like That?


Even though Zoom has been accused of such.

It still won’t be possible for them to tap into Facebook without

a counterpart interference.


It just happens to be that Zoom uses Facebook’s developer SDK,

which means that every time the app is launched,

it makes its connection with Facebook which further enables the

possibility of transferring data which is clearly stated in Zoom’s information

that the user’s FB profile information will indeed be studied.


As far as the reports of sharing with sensitive user information,

any official source has verified nothing.

And with all the guidelines provided by the zoom,

nothing here is being done illegally which may raise security concerns for any user.



There is no doubt that Zoom is indeed transferring with user data to FB,

but none of that is sensitive. So, there is no need to panic over that.

No need to uninstall the app, You can continue using it for the conferences.









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