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Microsoft Surface Duo: The Professional Folding Smartphone Now Arrives In US Markets

Microsoft is a Multi-national Technology company. The company develops Softwares and manufactures them. They generate licenses, supports, and sell them. The company not only makes software but also makes consumer electronics and personal computers. Microsoft is also famous for its collection of premium services such as Windows, Office, Xbox, Visual Studio IDE, and Azure. We all are familiar with Microsoft’s new tech innovation, which is the Microsoft Surface Duo. Unlike Samsung Galaxy Fold and Moto Razr, the new Microsoft Surface Duo is specially for professional purposes.

Microsoft Surface Duo

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Before we talk about the pricing and availability of the device in the US, let us talk about its specifications.

Specifications Of Microsoft Surface Duo

We all know that Foldable Smartphones are the future, many smartphone manufacturers are designing their version of a foldable smartphone and similar Microsoft made its own Microsoft Surface Duo.

Microsoft Surface Duo Hands-On

The Surface Duo doesn’t have any exterior display like Moto Razr and Samsung Galaxy Fold. Surface Duo comes with two displays with a hinge in the middle. The device comes with two 5.6″ AMOLED displays with Gorilla Glass 5 Protection and when the device is completely opened it features an 8.1″ display. The device is completely foldable on both sides and the hinge doesn’t occupy a lot of space making the device look super classy.

When it comes to the memory variants, the device comes with 6GB of RAM and is available in two storage options and they are the 128GB and 256GB variants. The device comes with an old flagship chipset, featuring Snapdragon 855 together with Adreno 640GPU. Performace on this device can’t be complained as it has the flagship chipset and on top of that, the device is only used for professional purposes.

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The device has a single camera unit and it is one on the front. Surface Duo doesn’t feature any rear camera units but it has a single front-facing 11MP camera unit. As the device is capable of folding both sides, the front-facing camera unit can be used as a rear camera too. It runs on a 3577mAh battery which supports fast charging of 18W. The company didn’t ditch the headphone and for Biometric Authentication, it comes with the physical side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Availability and Price Tag

Talking about colour, the device is only available in White with a shiny Microsoft logo on it. The perks of buying this smartphone is the special discounts on Microsoft services. When it comes to the price tag, the device comes with a price of 1,399$ and the company offers $200 protection plan, where they provide unlimited Tech support and coverage on accidental damages together with mechnaical hinge issues.

Microsoft Surface Duo
InvisibleShield glass protector


When it comes to accessories, Microsoft offers Surface Slim Pen which is $111 and $70 for the normal Surface pen. In addition to this, the company also sells a bumper case which costs $40 and InvisibleShield glass protector costs $60.

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