Woman Who Got Pregnant For The 16th Time: 38 Years Old Woman, Already Has 15 Childrens
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Woman Who Got Pregnant For The 16th Time: 38 Years Old Woman, Already Has 15 Childrens

This 38 years old woman already has 15 children and soon will be having her another baby. She is now pregnant with her 16th baby. The interesting fact about her babies is that all the children’s starting name starts with the letter’C’.

The woman’s name is Patty Herandez who is 38 years old and lives with her husband and children at charlotte, north Carolina, which also includes a nursery with five cots. Her husband’s name is Carlos who is just one year younger than her wife.

Couple’s Expenses On Their Children

The man and woman spent a lot of money on their 15 children. In a recent talk with her family, she told that their expenses on her children cost around $375  a week. Mostly the things that they buy for their children are nappies, food, baby hygienic materials, and other necessary items that are required for the baby.

They also buy new baby vehicles for the baby as they grow older. In their Family, there are 5 boys and 10 girls. Among them, there are six pairs of twins and they are all named from the letter ‘C”. The letter ‘C’ is used in their name because they honor their father who was a floor cleaner.

Children’s Names

First, the youngest of all who is yet to arrive in this world and Due in May 2021. Crystal who is four months old, Charlie 1, Camilla 2, Caroline 3, Caleb 3, Carol 4, Catherine 5, Calvin 5, Cristina 6, Celeste 7, Cristian 8, Caitlyn 9, Carla 9, Christopher 11, Carlos who is the eldest one and 12 years old.

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How Difficult Is For The Woman To Handle Her Children?

Patty came into the news in 2019. Back then she had only Two children that were Charlie who was born in May 2019 and Crystal. Crystal was born during this pandemic in April. It was difficult for her mother too.

Patty said that even after having 15 children which are so difficult to take care of, but she said that she is still happy to have more kids. She also said that its difficult to handle the newborn baby and said that she always feels happy when she gets pregnant.

Patty’s house is always filled with children’s voices and she also thanks god for so many kids. She is been giving birth to 15 children since 2008.


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