Mia Khalifa’s Butt Debate Drives Her Fans Crazy

Mia Khalifa, who used to be a pornstar, doesn’t mind being herself. On the contrary, she knows how to perfectly mix the fancy clothes she wears out with the casual clothes she wears at home. She does all of this on social media, where she has almost 27.7 million Instagram followers.

This time, she posted a video with the comment, “Kali said that small asses matter too, and she makes the rules.” In just one hour, she got almost 300k “likes.”

Before the video, people couldn’t resist her charms and wrote things like “Jhay Cortez must be rolling in hell,” which was a reference to the fact that the model had deleted all of her pictures with the singer from her social networks, or “looking amazing and her jeans…”, which was a reference to the fact that the two might have broken up.

Mia Khalifa’s Reasons For Leaving The Adult Film Industry

Islamic State supporters threatened to kill Mia because she wore a hijab in a porn video. This is how the rest of the world found out about her. Even though she had only been a porn actress for a year, she was one of the most popular actresses on the web in 2014, and the threats made her even more famous.

Even though she told Stephen Sackur of the BBC three years ago, not many people know why. She said, “I felt completely alone, not only from the rest of the world but also from my family and the people around me.”

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