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Melania Trump Went Viral: Her Stare At Ivanka Trump In RNC Or Her Bright Green Dress Appearance? Why? How?

Amidst the release of a new book, which covers the controversy between Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump, another moment goes viral. However, Ivanka Trump is Melania Trump’s stepdaughter.

On Thursday at the Republican National Convention, the First Lady became the viral star.

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A thousand-yard stare of Melania on Ivanka caught the eyes of people and media after greeting her stepdaughter.

Donald Trump accepted the nomination of the Republican Party for President of the United States. Thus it was a great event.

Eyes On Melania!

However, the eyes of the media were targeted on sensationalising the issue on Melania Trump.

The parents greeted Ivanka when she introduced Donald Trump for his acceptance speech. However, Melania’s facial expression took the limelight.

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The first lady exchanged vision with Ivanka, nodded head and then turned downward suddenly. This sudden drop and change of expression became the sizzling moment for the media to capture.

Later the oldest daughter, Ivanka, 38 hugged Donald trump and stood beside him.

The twitter users took this to a totally another level. With interpretations like Melania doesn’t like Ivanka and lot more.

Moreover, Melania’s bright green dress captured everyone’s eyes. Netizens even took advantage of this as well. They replaced the bright green dress with other images if their own choice.

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