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Who is Meghan King Dating? Is She Still Single Or Not?


In this article, we cover who Meghan King is dating in 2021. Is the former Bravo s The Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) single or dating? Find out everything we know in our scoop about the single mother blogger and podcaster after she finalizes her divorce from Jim Edmonds and hopping from the arms of Christian Schau Meghan King Edmonds and her then-fiancé Jim Edmonds experienced both highs and lows during their seven-year relationship.

Currently, Meghan O Toole King is dating Will Roos. Meaghan King has custody of three children that she had in her relationship with Jim Edmonds; a four-year old girl named Aspen and a couple of twins, Hayes and Hart who are two years old. Check back soon for news about who Misch is dating!

Who is Meghan King Dating?

Meghan O Toole King is a blogger and former cast member of Bravo network’s reality television series The Real Housewives of Orange County. King rose to fame for her bravado behavior in the series, and over the course at different relationships over that year Seems like this mom, podcaster, and acknowledged TV personality needed someone with whom she could comfortably share a quarantine. To learn more about this topic, read the following article.

Former baseball center fielder Jim Edmonds had a troubled relationship with Meghan King. You might remember Jim Edmonds for his work when he played for the then-named Anaheim Angels, the Brewers, the Chicago Cubs, and the St. Louis Cardinals. She also dated outdoors products manufacturer CEO, Will Roos, after her divorce. Keep scrolling and read more about Megan’s current boyfriend, Will Roos.

This is a screenshot of Meghan King’s Instagram page with her current boyfriend, Will Roos.Meghan King

 Is the RHOC Star Single or Dating?

Meghan King currently dates real estate broker, Will Roos. This is appropriate because on January 2020, Meghan made her relationship public with this gentleman after breaking up with another man previously mentioned by RHOC as of January 2020. King maintains that she and Roos have been together for about a year. King says she’d use words like “boyfriend, woo-hoo, crazy teenager stuff” to describe their relationship but that it isn’t necessarily serious or a commitment of any sorts.

Meghan s relationships are a constant topic of discussion for her former co-workers at RHOC, and she herself is no stranger to the topic when it comes up in interviews. Still, we hope things go well in her quest for someone who will fulfill all her expectations. So far, Will Roos seems to be the chosen guy. Let’s dive more into Will. His real estate brokering net worth is around half a million dollars. But don’t let that number fool you because his Real Estate company, Element has over one billion dollars worth of assets worldwide Her taste in men is clear.

Meghan King, who currently dates real estate broker Will Roos, previously dated her family’s longtime lawyer Bryan Free.Meghan King dating

Meghan King Net Worth

Now, let s talk about Meghan King’s net worth Each season of her Bravo Network show netted King three hundred thousand dollars. And after a divorce settlement with Jim Edmonds, she received an undisclosed amount of money. Details on the specific sum are unclear to us.

She has big ambitions, a successful business and her five-year-old daughter. But that didn’t stop Megan King from seeking love in the arms of her current boyfriend, Will Roos Meghan King is currently just seeing who sticks. This means that both she and Will Roos are single, but they do have to enjoy their dates together. We don’t know yet.

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