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Mass Gathering During Pro-Trump Rally In Nevada Might Claim Lives Of Several People, Warns Dr Reiner

Ahead of the Presidential election Trump has been organizing several rallies. And this time it is an indoor rally at Nevada.

Dr Reiner Calls Trump’s Nevada Rally ‘Mass Murder’

The Presidential elections are to be held in November. And Donald Trump is leaving no stone unturned in  promoting his political agendas. Therefore he has organised a series of campaign rallies in different parts of US. But we all know that situations are a bit different now. As the world is fighting with a pandemic.

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And the the coronavirus pandemic is known for its man-to -man transmission. Therefore mass gatherings and close contact with people is not really advisable. But in lieu of the elections Trump has been organizing rallies in the presence of thousands of people.

Recently Trump has planning for an indoor campaign in Nevada. And it has been highly criticised. As per Dr. Jonathan Reiner who is a medical analyst in CNN has stated that this rally is nothing less than mass murder. Because gathering of this many people at one place is definitely going be the reason of thousands of people getting infected from the virus.

Thus will result fatal for many people. And Dr. Reiner has blamed Trump for his sheer negligence. Moreover this indoor rally will prove to be more dangerous than the outdoor ones. As everyone would be confined to a closed area. Thus increasing the risk of transmission.

Trump’s Response

So there has been an official response from the White House about the Nevada indoor rally. And the justification they gave was that they are holding an indoor campaign rally because there are  protests going on in several places.

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Therefore it would be more safe for the people to attend the campaign indoors as it will be secured. But to which Dr. Reiner said that even indoor campaign will lead to several deaths because of the virus transmission.

Hence it is true that Trump is actually putting thousands of lives in danger because of these mass gatherings during his campaign rallies.

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