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Support Biden - The Tech Education
Donald Trump
Source: The Globe and Mail
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100 Million Dollars By Bloomberg To Support Biden

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg is rumoured to be planning to spend his money of nearly 100 million dollars to show his support to Joe Biden.

Bloomberg’s Advisers

Donald Trump
Source: Wikipedia

Bloomberg’s adviser told the people at CNN,

“Mike Bloomberg is committed to helping defeat Trump, and that is going to happen in the battleground states. “

While the Washington Post said, Bloomberg decided to put a high amount of money on Florida after coming to know that Trump is going to spend so much money on it for his re-election.

Biden lacks voting rate from Florida Hispanics while Trump has the majority of vote rate from Latino.

When asked about if there will be any focus on the Latino to a Bloomberg’s adviser, they said;

“We’ll talk to every constituency important to winning FL, Latino voters clearly a focus. Will be a mix of direct spending, gifts to Democratic super Pacs, and FL political efforts already underway.”

The State Of Florida

Source: Google

For Trump, Florida is his home, and he had done many events there before, and there is speculation that the state will be a sure win for him.

The decision of Bloomberg came after so many speculations, and voting will be starting on September 24 in Florida, and we will only know the result of Bloomberg’s actions after that.


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