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x9k, wtw, d, zcb, hd, 0, gt, v52, q8, 2ex, 1, sif, k9, Mark Levin's Latest Talk Crumbles Democratic Party..... 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Mark Levin’s Latest Talk Crumbles Democratic Party….. Here’s The Most Exclusive Details…

Mark Levin, the host of “Life, Liberty and Levin” show has recently sparked off a controversy. It’s not less than a blast.
During his radio show on Tuesday, Mark Levin created a row where he can be listened to criticizing the Democrats.
Mark, in a sharp tone, is claiming the Democratic Party to be greedy of power.

Source: fntalks.com

He bounced on them to the extent that he went on to comment on the rooting of the party.
Levin calls the party’s roots emerged from the “Discrimination”. And even, Mark claims that the Democratic Party has become more and more Marxist in due course of time.

The top host bombarded the Democratic Party further by calling it a “diabolical” party and “an evil.”
Adding further, Levin says that the party has never had a problem with being the force which was behind the civil war and slavery.

Source: nationalinterest.org

Levin didn’t stop here only. He went on further thrashing the Democrats by holding them guilty for the “segregation” and “violation of voting rights of minorities”. Thrashing further, Mark Levin called out the Democrats as “Marxists”. He says that they perform an American version of Marxism and they are “American Marxists”.

Mark claims that Democrats work on the principle of “Party First”. In his show, Levin stressed that the law enforcement is the saviour from these Democrats.

However, at the same time, Mark Levin targeted George Soros. He went on calling George Soros a left-wing billionaire whom he thinks is a force behind undermining the law enforcement and a key player for Democrats.

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