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g, bht, z1, 0, w2, 0g, ray, 56, Neymar Signs The Richest Individual Sports Sponsorship Contract In History With Puma, Worth £23 Million - The Tech Education
Source: Sky Sports
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Neymar Signs The Richest Individual Sports Sponsorship Contract In History With Puma, Worth £23 Million

Neymar signs boot deal with Puma worth £23 million-a-year racing ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

The Brazilian forward, dropped Nike to sign the mega-deal with German giants. This deal made him a whopping £8m ahead of Portuguese Ronaldo. His contract is worth £15m.

Barcelona’s Messi, meanwhile, is on an  £18m deal with Adidas.

Puma announced their deal on social media. It is yet unknown, for how many years the deal got sealed. His previous Nike deal went on for 11 years. The exceptional Puma contract is more than double the £11m he was paid by Nike back in 2011. Neymar had two more years to run on his initial Nike deal. However, he decided to break that contract to switch to Puma.

Source: The Sun

Forbes Magazine revealed the contract details between Neymar and Puma.

Neymar posted on social media: “I grew up watching videos of great football legends such as Pele, Cruyff, Eusebio and Maradona, who each played in Puma.

“For these reasons, from today onward, I have the honour to unite with the brand that helped the biggest legends of football become what they are.”

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