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Man Hits At The Back Of Victims Head With A Brick- Shocking Assault Video On Social Media!!

Man Hits At The Back Of Victims Head With A Brick- Shocking Video On Social Media!

A man hits at the back of victims head in Baltimore. The shocking assault video is circulating on social media for the last two days. The video shows that the suspect hits on the back of the victims head with a brick which causes the victim to fall. The video was uploaded by an Instagram user with ID “traysavage_”. It is also not known if the user himself took the video or he just received it from some source. 

The user captioned the video as, “Young man you got knocked TF out. Bitch you bet not run. Unk tried to kill you.”

The user was also found to add some hashtags, which includes, ‘explore page’, ‘explore’, ‘White lives do not matter’ and ‘Black lives matter’.

As per the latest report, the police claims that the suspect and the victim were familiar with each other. A witness informed that the accused and the victim seem to know each and also that they were quarrelling just before the incident took place. And the law is also not giving that much effort to find the suspect. 

As the victim suffered minor injuries, he did not opt to be hospitalized or any medical care. So, when the police tried to find the victim based on this fact, they couldn’t find him. The incident was reported to the Baltimore police on August 30, 2020. When they reached the crime scene, they found a pool of blood there.

Donnie Moses, Detective of Baltimore Police Department, said, “It just goes to show the times we are in.”

The detective also mentioned the importance of filing a police complaint after this type of incidents so that the accused can be arrested. He added, “We feel like they know each other and we need this guy off the streets. If you could do this to someone, who else has he assaulted? Who else has he ambushed basically? He needs to be arrested.”


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