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Man Got Arrested After The DNA Test: Know How ‘Wendy’ A 14 Years Old Girl Will Get Justice After Being Murdered

The DNA test revealed that the 35 years old man is the culprit. Wendy the girl who died in Rochester and she was just 14 years old. However, the police from New York have arrested the Man for killing the innocent girl. The prosecurter declared him the murderer on this Friday.

How Wendy Died?

The innocent girl’s name was Wendy Jerome and she was only 14 years old. The man raped and killed her when he surprised him with a birthday card. Wendy’s death was so cruel. The report says that her body was found at night and near the school dumpster. The Rochester Police department’s officials said that it was ‘ she showed exact signs of trauma’

The Killer

The killer’s name was Timothy Williams and he was 56 years old man. However, the police officer searched for him and arrested him at his home. The killer was from Melbourne, Florida and he got arrested this Wednesday. As a result and as per the Monroe County Assistant District lawyer’s report, Timothy was declared as Fugitive.

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Wendy’s Mother Marlene Replies After The Declaration Of The Murderer

Wendy’s mother said that she is thankful for the police department for getting his daughter the Justice which she deserved. She was so thankful for the police department for solving the case.

During the interview Wendy’s Mother, ‘ Marlene Jerome’ said that she never thought that this day would even come into her life. She then remembers her husband who died in 2011 to witness what happened with her. She continues by saying that his husband is still up there in the heaven and cheering me that it’s over, it’s finally over.

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The Investigation Process Of Wendy

During the year 1999, the police researched for the semen which was found inside Wendy’s Body. The autopsy revealed no such favourable reports and it didn’t match with the other sample. But in 2017, New York did a lot of criminal investigation and the department insisted to have another DNA research.

After some research, law enforcement finally declared that it was Williams. The semen sample matched with William’s DNA and further research began in the month of July. Timothy had no lawyers in Florida, and now he is being kept in the New York Police department with the charges of second-degree murder.

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