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3yp, jpp, Man Beats His Girlfriend's Daughter To Death! Charged With First Degree Murder! - The Tech Education
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Man Beats His Girlfriend’s Daughter To Death! Charged With First Degree Murder!

Heinous crime can never stop. A man was accused of beating a toddler of three years to death. The toddler was none other than his girlfriend’s daughter.

Source Dailymirror

This brutal man killed his girlfriend’s daughter and said to his lover that she would not wake up. Hats off to his guts?

According to the scenario, the girlfriend was not present at the time this mishap occurred. He first killed the toddler and then called his partner. In the call, he told that the baby is not waking up.

The name of the brutal man is Terrance Space. He has been accused of murdering Lehlani Edwards. The 23-year-old boyfriend attacked the baby on Friday.

Source Daily Mirror (the killer)

Fatal Injuries!

Lehlani died due to injuries after the attack. Just after this incident, Space fled before Cops could arrive at the spot. This is according to the investigators in Illinois.

Lehlani was severely injured. According to the postmortem reports and the court documents, haemorrhaging occurred to her adrenal gland and a lacerated liver. This all happened due to the attack.

Chicago Tribune Space stated that Space had been babysitting the little Edwards alone from 6 pm to 12 am on Friday. The same man was dating the dead baby’s mum as well.

Source Daily Mirror

When the man called her mother, she called 911. But according to Space, he wouldn’t be there till the cops arrive.

However, the baby was admitted to West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park quickly. On Saturday, nearly at 1:20 am, she was pronounced dead.

Space, who was alleged and accused of first-degree murder, was arrested by the police.
He refused to all the allegations on him, but according to the investigation, he was the only person to be present with Lehlani with fatal injuries.

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