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Shows Off Her Shapely Figure In A Tank Top And Leggings On A Grocery Run With Her Son -
Malin Akerman
Source: Moviehole
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Malin Akerman Shows Off Her Shapely Figure In A Tank Top And Leggings On A Grocery Run With Her Son

Malin Akerman
Source: Daily Mail

On Thursday, Malin Akerman is seen accompanying her son, Sebastian, to the grocery store in LA.

The seven-year-old helps her carry the grocery bags from the supermarket to their car.

Malin, 42, shows off her toned figure in a V-neck tank top and cropped skintight leggings.

The ‘Watchman’ and ‘Billions’ star wears trainers, and her blonde hair is tied in a messy topknot.

Malin accessorises her look with a gold necklace and a small black purse. She also remembers to cover up her face with a floral-printed face mask.

Sebastian is seen dressed in a green and white short-sleeved t-shirt and brown pants. He was also wearing white trainers and a mask.

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Details Of Malin Ackerman’s Personal Life

Malin Akerman
Source: Instagram

Malin shares Sebastian with her ex-husband Roberto Zincone. They met back in 2003 when she was the lead singer for ‘The Petalstones’ while Zincone was the drummer.

The two got separated in 2013 and then divorced the next year, after seven long years of marriage.

She then tied the knot with British actor Jack Donnelly in December 2018 in Tulum, Mexico.

On Thursday, Malin shared a throwback photo of herself and Donnelly relaxing in a hot tub while they were on a getaway to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

The photo shows the couple relaxing, eyes closed, at the casino resort before the onset of the pandemic.

She shares the photo on her Instagram with the caption: “#tbt to a quiet serene moment w my main squeeze poolside at @caesarspalace Yup, it is possible to find little hidden gems even in Vegas…Take me back! #missingvacation #peaceful #love #lucky #goawaycovid19.”

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In 2008, Malin was featured at number 60 on AskMen.com‘s ’99 Most Desirable Women’ list.

Also in 2009, ‘Maxim‘ placed her at number 4 in their annual “Hot 100” rankings.

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