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Supreme Found Dead Due To Supposed Overdose - The Tech Education

Make Up Artist And Youtube Star Ethan Is Supreme Found Dead Due To Supposed Overdose

Ethan Peters famously known as Ethan Is Supreme was found dead in his bedroom on Sunday 6th September. He had an active following of more than 741K followers on Instagram and 139K on youtube.



Other information

Although the cause of his death is unclear. His father Gerald Peters suspects it was by a drug overdose, this theory is backed by best friend Ava Louiise.

Behind The Scenes

According to Ava although he was well liked in the beauty industry, the pressure of being famous made him turn to drugs for comfort a year ago. She also requested fans to not hound his family and to respect their privacy during this hard time.

More About Him

Born on March 8th 2003 a Texas based Ethan had loyal fans across the world who followed the 17 year old for his unique make up videos and inspiring captions. He often promoted self-love and was also one of the few people who are proud of who they truly are. In fact in his last post he talked about his childhood struggle with bullying and how he overcame that dark phase.

Before making it big in the beauty industry he ran a meme page named Betch. The account happened to have a fan base of it’s own with a follower count of 1.3 million followers. It sold for a whopping $25,000 at the time Ethan was only 13 years old. It is also reported that before his death the beauty guru garnered a net worth of almost 5 million dollars.

Youtube Career

Ethan started his youtube channel in April of 2017. He did make up tutorials, reviewed make up products and even posted funny sketches on the channel. His fame also came with it’s own set of drama when he had a small beef with fellow make up artist James Charles which was later resolved between the two.

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