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Coronavirus Narrative Towards Wuhan - The Tech Education

China Attempts To Change The Coronavirus Narrative Towards Wuhan

Due to the havoc caused by the coronavirus several countries now have a strained relationship with China. China’s attempts to cover up the news for almost a year did not help the country’s reputation.


Now the country is trying to change everyone’s mind by making Wuhan the face of the coronavirus survivors. Stating that although there are several nations still struggling to make situations better Wuhan came through as a winner by controlling the cases within days and providing perfect healthcare.


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The country continues to show the good side of the city by showing it’s economic stability. How despite being the origin of the deadly virus the country held itself while the world struggles. Many countries even showed signs of an economy crash worse than the great depression.

The country silently bragged about it’s situation a lot more when a video of a Wuhan water park started circulating. The video shows thousands of people partying shoulder to shoulder without wearing masks. The country also started opening up it’s public schools and invited many multinational executives for a a tour of the city


The leaders are also showcasing it as one of those places “where you don’t need to wear masks and can gather”. China also made several public announcements in public that it’s the only city that has truly emerged victorious. The country also shows off it’s very own homegrown vaccine.

China had it’s first drug trial today with 50,000 participants. The country is trying very hard to reach the finishing line first in this global race. The country is trying to overshadow the hate they are receiving from the world by the success rates increasing in the country. Although nobody is confident if the numbers are real and citizens of the country fear their lives. As we approach the flu season it will be very hard to differentiate between the symptoms of the virus and common cold.

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Many people even holding onto the fear of the virus returning and infecting even more people this time due to the rapid opening up of economies and thus general stores making areas more crowded than ever. If the Chinese PR continues to put up a good show for the outside world with little truth. People’s lives will country will be affected.

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