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Major Fire At Poly-America Plant In Texas. Initial Reports Are Here!! Click Here To Get All The The Details

A Major Bang Bang  At Texas!!

A big break has just arrived in. A major incident has just happened in Texas.  Recently reports are coming out from the city where a huge accident has occurred. A massive fire outbreak has just made the headlines.

Furthermore, huge flames can be seen coming out of the area. It has been reported that the incident occurred at Poly America’s plant in Texas. In particular, the plant is located at Grand Prairie, Texas.


The Massive Fire!

Locals of the area posted videos of the massive fire. In these videos, huge flames and smoke can be clearly spotted.
Reportedly, the event happened in the midnight, according to the local time.

Also, The night sky is seen filled with the huge clouds of smoke coming out of the fire-stricken area.
Massive rescue operations are underway. A parade of the police force and firefighters can be spotted rushing to the spot.


Latest Reports!!

However, until now, no casualties or injury have been reported. The early reports are suggesting that the fire has hit the area near Poly America’s plant. But no incidents of fire have been reported from the facility itself yet.

Also, The firefighters’ department has only confirmed the “2000 block of W. Marshall Drive” as an address, but has not given a specific location of the accident spot.


Furthermore, talking about Poly-America, it is a polyethene construction film producer and trash bag manufacturer. Reportedly, it is the world’s largest producer for the same.
These are the only initial reports coming in from the sources. Yet, further updates are awaited.

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