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Madden 22 Review: Gameplay, Trailer, And All Information

Madden 22

The franchise mode has a good onboarding process in tutorials that help new players navigate the menus but remains clunky. 

Madden has taken reasonable steps this year to do things like implement advanced metrics. Still, it’s disappointing to see no accurate edge designation for any player position in the new team mode, except franchise long snapper and tight end. 

The franchise is not as deep as it was at the start of the series, and it looks to have come at the cost of EA Sports, the biggest moneymaker. 

Madden is in a full-blown rebuild and needs several consecutive years of good drafting and, ahem, additions to working for the better. 

It would be nice if Madden listened to the fans and started addressing some of the more problematic areas of franchise modes. Madden has worked hard to get star players to stay in a realistic way that isn’t overpowering. 

Madden 22 Review

While the lack of next-gen features is frustrating, the good news is that Madden has 22 current gene prices on the PC. On top of that, the pricing for MVP and Dynasty Editions is slightly different because dual entitlement is not included, and I no longer expect a next Gen version with Madden 22 to hit the PC. 

My hopes for Madden 22 players on the PC to have a robust game structure and get access to the next generation’s features have been dashed.   

There are a few heads scratches at Madden 22, but that doesn’t mean things are perfect. The real change that longtime franchise players were hoping for with the September update is that things look very different in Madden 22s franchise mode. 

I think that is enough to gain some trust, as I have always felt unfairly treated by the lack of resources for the EAs franchise.

Madden 22 Game Improvements

It looks like the game options include both offense and defense in Madden’s 22. The qualifying trees are identical to those in the Pro NHL, and the NHL scouting feature looks like a copy of EA’s franchise mode. 

I also like the weekly game plan, which boosts depending on the chosen strategy focus (offensive or defense) and the possibility of deciding how intensively you want to practice before a game. 

You will see improvements in ball carriers in an open field, Pathfinding, reading progress and scramble logic, more awareness of Star teammates and superstar X factors, and the ability for AI players to use their skills to disagree with you. 

Playing as a franchise player tends to evolve throughout the season. The stats change as game plans become real, and more frequent gene statistics are imported into your franchise simulation game, which feels exciting every week of the NFL season.

Madden 22 Release Date

If you’ve opted for the regular versions of the game on popular or next-gen platforms, the game’s premiere time is supposed to be August 20 at midnight. 

There are pre-order rewards for the official versions, but none of them involve quick-way playtime.

Madden 22 Trailer

Check out the Madden 22 trailer here:


Madden 22 New Features

The ultimate goal of this game mode is for your character to design an NFL team, and our Madden NFL 21 face-to-face walkthrough guide will help players get there. 

Below is a detailed list of the new features, game modes, and mechanics for Madden NFL 22 that fans have seen in the game so far.    

Madden NFL 21 is the franchise’s face and features the most extensive Madden Story mode in the show’s decades-long history. There’s a new single-player campaign mode this year where users can take on an NFL All-Star team. 

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The story mode allows players to build their superstar and take them to a high school or college of their choice for the NFL Combine, NFL Draft, or NFL Up and Coming WR.   

Madden NFL 21 received significant changes to its franchise following criticism from the game community. During a preview call, Seann Graddy, the executive producer of Madden NFL 21, promised that he could not see any differences between console generations with Madden 22. 

For players who prefer to keep it in franchise mode and remain as close to reality as possible, Madden 22 is more than a good continuation of the more than 30-year timeline. 

Madden 22 Gameplay

Madden NFL 22 executive producer Seann Graddy spoke about how gameplay and player movement, and behavior are influenced by data collected over five years from the real world of Amazon’s web services. 

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When you play on the following gene, it is clear from the outset that the following gene statistics play an important role, at least from a visual perspective. They are the way to go when it comes to football analysis, and EA has made sure to adapt over time.  

It seems the next-gen stats are changing the way players move and react on the pitch. In the time I have spent with the game, this seems obvious. It is not necessarily a bad thing, as EA has added many requests from Madden players and has done so in a way that works well with the NHL series. 

It’s been a tough few years for the Madden community, and the game of recent years felt like a massive punch in the stomach at the time. Having seen the beta for this year’s title, I think that the developers are on the right track. 

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Game Changer began with the release of gameplay videos for Madden 22. The improvements from the playtest are clear what I liked most about the beta. Because it offered a broader multi-mode experience and added another layer to the M factor.   

Many Madden 22 players playing in franchise mode would like to see an extra half-time show that matches what we saw in NFL 2K5. However, I would not put this part of the presentation business on the highest priority list. 

Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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