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Wild Things About Cal Kestis From Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order That Will Make You Shocked

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which has become very prevalent among enthusiasts. It’s a game Star Wars fans crave for an upcoming sequel, but according to EA, there won’t be an announcement until 2022. 

In the meantime, members have many reasons to know themselves well with Cal Kestis by duplicating the initial game and updating their lightsaber fighting techniques to a more complex level. Here are some of the craziest facts about the character.   

The Jedi Knight is one of the unique characters ever to appear in the Star Wars universe, and there is always room to tell more about him. 

Cal Kestis Is Young

Cal Kestis was 12 years old when The Purge took him to the 17th game. He is indeed in abundance and will continue to generate content for the Star Wars canon, spin-off material, and, of course, sequels.   

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Few Padawans become Jedi champions before the age of 20, but Cal’s conditions were very distinct from those of Jedi who existed in pre-imperial space-time. 

As such, he grew up learning the ways of the Jedi. Thanks to Cere and his hard work to bring the Jedi back, his name has been added to the list of the youngest Jedi knights, but how far his legacy will go remains to be seen. Cal may never join the ranks of the most powerful Jedi knights in Star Wars history due to his hidden nature, but that makes him less significant. 

He Applies Psychometry

The Jedi gift Cal because he can use psychometry comparable to Force Echoes. This capability allows the user to touch an object and learn information about the people and situations from the distant past. Such experiences reflect events that have taken place and gather clues like a detective. 

It is a rare skill acquired at birth. Most Jedi do not occupy this ability and are designed to relying on the Force to gain penetration and administration when looking at the past. Unlike most Jedi, however, Cal is finding it difficult to do so at the moment.  

He Was a member Of The 13th Battalion.

The 13th Battalion was a system that struggled in the clime wars and was directed by Cal’s late Jedi Master, the mighty Jaro Tapal. Cal was a Padawan at the time, and he served as part of the 13th as his master continued his Jedi training. 

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The 13th took part in the Bracca Campaign, a battle for a strategic key planet of the Republic, where they were stationed aboard the Venator-class star destroyer Albedo Brave.   

In retrospect, unlike most students of his age, the war regime prepared him for a disaster on the horizon. He was also the youngest of the 66 initiates. 

He Feels Guilt For His Master’s Passing

Cal experiences the dreaded day of discovering that Jaro had given his life to save him from execution in the game.  

After a 66, he goes into hiding. His bond with his Lord was so strong that it is devastating to lose him in such a brutal and sudden way without warning. He blames himself for the loss and is haunted by the memory. 

But his loss is not in vain, for it sets him on the path to unraveling a series of astonishing secrets concerning the armed forces and his role in the great fight against the dark side.   

He Was A Member Of The Scrapper Guild

After escaping with Bracca, he hid his identity as Jedi Padawan and became the guild tactician. Here he honed several skills, the most important of which was to stay alive and remain undiscovered in the eyes of the emperor. 

As a rigger, he was supposed to salvage spaceships from hard-to-reach places. 

It ultimately proved to be his undoing when he was placed in a position that led him to use power to save a close friend from death, which the frightening and deadly imperial inquisitors drew attention to.   


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