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Lynsey Bennett Obituary: Who Is She? Her Cause Of Death Revealed!

Lynsey Bennett, who fought against cervical cancer, died at the age of 34. She died on Thursday, October 27. Her family told her friends and coworkers the sad news on Friday afternoon.

“With great sadness, Lynsey Bennett’s family wants to let everyone know that Lynsey died peacefully last night,” they said. “Lynsey was an amazing person.

“Lynsey’s beautiful daughters, father, sisters, family, and friends are devastated by her death at the young age of 34. At this time, they would like to be left alone. “Arrangements for the funeral will be made soon,” the statement said.

In 2017, Lynsey was told she had cervical cancer. She wrote in September about how loved and cared for she felt. Lynsey said, “My house is full of family and friends, and I feel so loved. I still have some family and friends to talk to about everything that’s going on.”

She also told her supporters that she was “working on herself.” “I’m still very much here. I’ve been working on myself and finding the best way to let go of something that has hurt me physically and mentally and made me hold on to pain and trauma in my life.”

Lynsey’s daughters Zoe (14) and Hailee (11) are still alive (9).

Una Healy, a close friend of hers, wrote a tribute to her on Instagram. It says: “I’m too sad to say anything. “I’m so thankful for all the wonderful memories we shared. Always in my mind, always in my heart. “You lived and loved life to the fullest because you knew how valuable it is.

“My lovely friend, rest in peace. “Your family and friends are in my thoughts, especially your babies Zoe and Hailee.” During this terrible time, Lynsey’s family is in our thoughts.

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