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London: Woman Charged with murdering her ten year old son

A 40 year old lady,Olga Freeman, will have to appear at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court. Her 10 year old son, Dylan ,was found brutally murdered at her house in Acton of West London. She also happens to be the wife of a celebrity photographer.

Dean Freeman's wife kills Austin son
source: Dailymail.uk.co

She was charged of murder and sedation,after another woman from her neighbourhood walked through the Police station on Sunday morning to speak to the officers.

Thereafter at around 2.30am, police went to the home of the lady under suspicion and found Dylan’s body.

Neighbours said that Dylan was a child with special needs having several disabilities. He was unable to speak and was in a wheelchair. One of the neighbours said he heard a ‘childish scream’ in the middle of Sunday night at around 1:30 am late at night.

Photographer Dean Freeman, who is famous for photographing the the celebrities such as David Beckham, the Spice Girls, Emily Ratajkowski and Bradley Cooper, was devastated and heartbroken by hearing the news about his son’s death whilst he was in Spain .

His father , Robert Freeman, is a well-known figure for a few of the music’s most popularized album covers, including The Beatles’ Rubber Soul.

He and Mrs Freeman, who had their origins in Moscow, were already divorced and Dylan’s custody was given to his mother.

Officers have not yet confirmed the boy’s name and are awaiting formal identification. Adding that they are not looking for anyone else under the radar in connection with the murder.

Mr Freeman gives a warm tribute to his son:

In an emotional tribute to his son, Mr Freeman, who is ‘beyond devastated’, and said he was unable ‘ to comprehend’ losing Dylan.

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In a statement by Mr Freeman said: ‘Dylan was a beautiful, bright, inquisitive and artistic child who loved to travel, visit art galleries and swim.

‘We travelled extensively over the years together spending such memorable time in places including Brazil, France and Spain’.

A spokesperson of Mr Freeman said: ‘He was a loving and caring father and even though divorced for a number of years, he cherished all the quality time spent with his son.’

He also added- ‘Dean has been touched by the messages of support he’s received from friends and asks that the media respects his and his family’s privacy at this awful time.’

The Neighbours statement on the Murder:

Keith Grindrod, 73, who lives in a flat next door to the building, said he was awoke by a scream at night. But he was not aware that police were at the property until he woke up and looked outside at 6am.

According to the statement given by him to
The Sun, he said: ‘It sounded like a little scream next door. It was a childish scream. It was just enough to wake me up.’

Acton resident, Rakesh Shukla, 25, told MailOnline that he had helped cared for Dylan last year.

Mr Shukla,also belonging to the same neighborhood ,added: ‘He had a lot of disabilities, couldn’t speak and was prone to sudden outbursts, when he’d start kicking his arms and legs and throwing things around.’

Another neighbour, Gillian Fisher, 34, said: ‘I don’t know who the family were but if the little boy is who I think he is, I used to see him being taken to school in his wheelchair in a specially adapted van.

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‘It is shocking. It’s devastating but not as devastating as it must be for the person who did this I imagine. It’s just heartbreaking.’

Reverend Nick Jones, 61, the rector of Acton, who lives in Cumberland Park, said yesterday that the boy’s death was ‘shattering.I’m still shaking a bit, it’s hugely upsetting.’

The lady would have to face a minimum 25 years in prison if proven guilty.

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