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London- THEY’RE BLOODY BACK!
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BLM Protest Is All Set To HIT London- THEY’RE BLOODY BACK!

BLM Protest Is All Set To HIT London- THEY’RE BLOODY BACK!


BLM is all set to HIT London with a new protest today. They decided o launch the protest amid a national debate over pro-Black Lives Matter political messaging. That too on one of TV’s biggest shows. The demonstration can be violent hitting front line Met Police officers.

The group of the violent BLM activists also tweeted yesterday. They said that “Demonstration TOMORROW Scotland Yard, 1 pm We can’t let the pressure drop until we’re free.”

The following protest was set on last Saturday aftermath of Britain’s Got Talent’s BLM performance by Diversity. It has seen a whooping of about 1oK Brits complain to media regulator Ofcom. And now ITV telly bosses might be blamed for violence in the capital.

Ashley Banjo ‘Laughed Off’ The Backlash

Today Politicalite also revealed a video that shows how Ashley Banjo, judge of Britain’s Got Talent, mocked the backlash to his political activism on prime-time TV.

On Wednesday, Banjo shared a video on his Twitter feed by comedian Munya Chawawa. It was not content with smearing ITV’s mostly working-class viewers as full of “Hate” and “Ignorance”.

In the video, Chawawa plays the role of a news reporter called “Batty Creases”. And also brands Ofcom complainers “Knights in Fiat 500’s” and “Courageous Karen’s”.

The use of ‘Karen’ while describing white women who “ask to speak to the Manager” has been accused of being an anti-White racial slur.

The video was posted by Munya. The title of the video was: “Barty Crease reports on the latest Marcus Rashford & Diversity Ofcom drama.”

In the video, Munya also said, “Britain’s Got Talent turned into Nigeria’s Got Nerve after bullies replaced Ballet in a threatening Black Lives Matter performance.” 

“Millions of Brits were left traumatized by the body-popping bloodbath which at one point featured a child being forced to read NUTS magazine and another child being sacrificed to the Drill gods.” the video joked.


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