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vn, 52, d9, 8, vni, 8r, n, 0, Liverpool Tops Manchester City, Says Gary Neville - The Tech Education
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Liverpool Tops Manchester City, Says Gary Neville

Gary Neville: “When I watch the application of Liverpool in the game against Arsenal, and the application of Manchester City, it’s a different level. And that’s the one thing that Pep Guardiola will need to affect.” Jurgen Klopp’s side has started the defence of the Premier League title they won last season with three straight wins. Including an impressive victory at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea and a 3-1 success at home to Arsenal on Monday Night Football.

Meanwhile, Manchester City started with a victory at Wolves. But Pep Guardiola’s side was left stunned after a 5-2 defeat against Leicester City at the Etihad Stadium on Super Sunday.

Gary Neville commentated on both Liverpool’s win against Arsenal and City’s defeat to Leicester and speaking on The Gary Neville Podcast. The former Manchester United defender was effusive in his praise for Liverpool and gave a title warning to Guardiola and his side.

Diogo Jota celebrates after scoring Liverpool's third goal of the game
Source: SkySports

I picked Manchester City before the start of the season when they asked us to make our predictions.

Just on the basis that they would respond. I thought they would do more in the transfer market. But I’m in the position whereby, and it’s only three games in, I’m going to change my mind.
It’s not because of Sunday. I was obviously at the Etihad on Sunday to see Leicester beat City 5-2. But just watching Liverpool, even in that first game against Leeds where some people took out of it that they weren’t at their best. They were sloppy, and you could get at them.
That was a mad game, the type of which I joined in myself and if you come out of those games on top. When you are not at your best, it demonstrates something. They also signed two players after that game and then they went to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea, and they did the business. They then have Arsenal at home, another team near the top of the league, and they’ve done the industry again.
Manchester City FC - Manchester Evening News
Source: Manchester Evening

Liverpool a level above Man City

I talk about the fact that players are missing, in the past 12 months or so we’ve mentioned it I don’t know how many times. Possibly they’ve had a week delay in starting and they might not be up to speed in a fitness point of view.

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We know Pep Guardiola doesn’t have the team he wants on the pitch at the moment, he’s signing another centre-back.

But when I watch the application of Liverpool in the game against Arsenal, and the application of Manchester City, it’s a different level. And that’s the one thing that Pep Guardiola will need to affect.

For two seasons, their transition from losing the ball to winning the ball back was off the scale, like we’ve never seen. He was bringing Barcelona to the Premier League.

They’ve stepped off it. They stepped out it last season. I think I felt with the levels they’d reached they were always going to go over the edge a little bit. I expected them to start this season really, really at it.

Against Wolves they were good, but Sunday was worrying because I didn’t see that same urgency and application to the game.

Pep Guardiola is the best coach in the world, his team have been outstanding, and they will get better, no doubt, but he has to be careful.

They dropped eight points to Liverpool in the first eight games of last season and found they couldn’t catch up. They can’t afford to do that against this Liverpool team. It’s too good.

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