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Madrid, Liverpool Or Whoever Else Wants To Pay €200M-Plus! - The Tech Education
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Kylian Mbappé Set To Join Real Madrid, Liverpool Or Whoever Else Wants To Pay €200M-Plus!

The daddy of all transfers has been all over the news lately! Kylian Mbappé and his move to either join Real Madrid, Liverpool or whoever else wants to pay €200m-plus approaching. Or it may not, as there is a growing sense that the flying Frenchman may choose to stay at PSG for the moment. While continuing to explore his options for escape. Were Mbappé to stay in Paris, then he might have a new teammate in Chelsea’s Antonio Rüdiger. who may be set for a loan move or even sold for the cash that could bring Declan Rice in from West Ham.

Whatever happens with Mbappé, Liverpool seem likely to be busy in the closing days of the transfer window both with the ins and outs. Harry Wilson is linked with Burnley, and Rhian Brewster is with Sheffield United. Georginio Wijnaldum looks for the off, too, having turned down a new contract and with Thiago Alcântara added to Jürgen Klopp’s squad. Ousmane Dembélé is also said to be the subject of a loan enquiry to Barcelona.

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A centre-back is also wanted and Kalidou Koulibaly, so long linked with Manchester City, may end up at Anfield. This move would look to have an immense bearing on the Premier League title race. Liverpool is said to be using Sadio Mané, a compatriot of the Napoli player, as their middle man to get the deal done in their favour.

Following Rüdiger out of the Chelsea door on loan are Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Ross Barkley. Seemingly surplus to Frank Lampard’s requirements. Aston Villa must decide which of them they would like to loan since Premier League rules prevent them from borrowing both.

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Kylian Mbappé and his fellow transfer news

Will Manchester United fans’ growing panic over a lack of signings be soothed Alex Telles’ arrival from Porto? Probably not, and there is no guarantee he is going to arrive just yet. United transfer guru Ed Woodward is trying to drive the price down. Meanwhile, Ed is haggling with Roma over the price United will sell Chris Smalling for.

Arsenal’s evolution continues, and to nobody’s particular surprise, it will not fit Mesut Özil. Who Mikel Arteta has again said will find it challenging to get into his team. After Wednesday’s defeat of Leicester, Arteta said: “You can see that it is complicated not just for Mesut, but for some to make the squad.” Every week, they pick the right players. Meanwhile, in what used to be Özil’s position, Philippe Coutinho emerged as a potential target.

Another club whose fans are clamouring for something in the transfer market is West Ham. The word is the club have made a bid worth up to £33m for Saint-Étienne centre back Wesley Fofana. A cheaper option, which might end up in a bidding war, is Joe Rodon of Swansea. Manchester United also fancies, and the Hammers are also mulling over a loan move for Arsenal’s Calum Chambers.

Meanwhile, Burnley is set to sign Dale Stephens from Brighton. A player Sean Dyche says, “fits with the financial thinking at the minute”. Lazio and Southampton are close to sealing a deal for Wesley Hoedt that would see the Dutchman return to his former club.

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