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Milan by 'savage' designers as they thought she was "too fat." - The Tech Education
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Lisa Snowdon: Lisa Snowdon reveals she was sent home from Milan by ‘savage’ designers as they thought she was “too fat.”

Lisa Snowdon, 48, lashes out on ‘savage’ designers who humiliated her. They asked her to strip in a toilet and fired her from the ramp claiming she was “too fat.”

Lisa Snowdon called too fat
source: Instagram

When Mila was 19, she went for an extravagant fashion show in Milan Italy. She couldn’t fit into one of those fragile clothes and hence was left “embarrassed.”

Lisa admits that she was petite. A number of industry moguls cancelled her bookings as she refused to their standards of skinny. She did not agree on losing weight as she was ‘tiny.’

During a chat at Vicky Pattinson’s Secret to Podcast, Lisa talks about her dreaded experience at Milan. The designers called Lisa “too fat” but when she looked she realised, “I was like a little stick right.’

‘I was tiny, the only thing that were big on me were my boobs. I wasn’t that curvaceous, I’m more curvaceous now, back then I just had a pair of boobs. I wasn’t that super curvy or voluptuous.

Lisa continued: ‘I’d get booked to do fashion shows and I’d turn up and look at my rail and there’d be something and they’d be “put this on.”

Lisa Snowdon kicked out of Milan for being too fat by savage dsigners
source: Instagram

‘It was like a wisp of a hair band and I was like “that’s not even gonna go over my wrist let alone my whole body, that’s not gonna work!”

She spoke about her body shaming experience:  ‘So then they’d cancel me and go “go home, go home.” It was savage but high pressure – they’re about to put on a fashion show, a model turns up and she doesn’t fit any of the clothes – so I got cancelled.

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Lisa Snowdon experience in Milan:

Lisa Snowdon talks about her experience
source: Instagram

‘In Milan they were like “we need to see you,” so I took my clothes off in the toilet, which is really embarrassing, and stripped down.

‘And they were like “you need to lose weight on here” and I was like “how do I do that?
‘Like what, I starve myself and then you can dictate where the fat falls off? That’s not gonna happen!”

Lisa realised that these “savage” designers demanded an unhealthy body type that she could not cope up with.

Even at 19, she blatantly refused to follow their demands and called her agents to call it off.

Ultrabra by Gossard, 1994 gave Lisa, her first break at the age of 22. Since then she has been modeling for a number of swimsuit brands.
In 2006 she became the face of Britains Next Top Model.

Lisa stands strong today. She is a successful fashion presenter and model.

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