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Bigger Pay cheque Is The Cause For The Cancellation Of KUWTK

Keeping Up With The Kardashians got cancelled for next year as the stars demanded more money and the network refused to do so with less viewing rate.

The Cancellation

Source: dailymail

Kim Kardashian was the first to release the cancellation news to the world through Instagram. They haven’t officially revealed any statement for why the show has been cancelled.

The fans of KUWTK are shocked to hear the news and wondering what could have gone wrong. But there has been a suggestion that the real reason why the show got cancelled is that the family asked for more money.

No More


The network said no as the view rate of the show was not high as it used to be and also because the company can’t pay the increased amount as its financial status has been affected by the pandemic.

There have been talks going on saying that the network was able to offer whatever money they asked in the past whenever one of them think of leaving but this time that’s not the case.

So this is how a show which has been on the air for 14 years with 20 episodes comes to an end finally. Wonder how the last episode will be, probably as dramatic as the Kardashian-Jenner gang.


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