Lisa Before Surgery: Do You Think Blackpink Lisa Underwent Surgery?

Lisa of BLACKPINK is thought to be one of the most beautiful K-pop stars. Even though she can rap and dance very well, some people still don’t believe in her as a musician, especially because of how she looks.

There have been rumors that Lisa had plastic surgery just to get the perfect look that her fans love so much. Did the “How You Like That” singer get a nose job and lip fillers to make her look better? Read on to learn more about this smart and charming member of BLACKPINK.

Rumors That Blackpink Lisa Had Plastic Surgery Were Not True

Lisa was thought to have had plastic surgery because of how she was said to have looked before. Plus, a surgeon says that the BLACKPINK member had the procedure done to her face to make her look better.

BLACKPINK An expert who did not want to be named said that Lisa had plastic surgery. The singer for the band “Lovesick Girls” is said to have had rhinoplasty because her nose was flat, big, and round. The surgeon says that Lisa’s nose is now narrow, turned up, and very pretty.

The report says that BLACKPINK member Lisa also got fillers to make her lips look full and smooth. The specialist also saw that the Thai rapper’s lips were getting uneven, with some spots getting fuller than others.

If that wasn’t enough, the expert said Lisa had bleached her skin to make it whiter. The BLACKPINK member has been accused of using double eyelid tape because her double eyelids are always on point. The doctor said that she is so gentle with her treatments that no one will notice.

On the other hand, people who know BLACKPINK don’t think so. Lisa said that she had never had plastic surgery for her looks. Some fans even posted pictures of the “Boombayah” singer before she joined the girl group formed by YG Entertainment.

Even though people said she had rhinoplasty to fix her nose, Lisa’s photos from before her debut show that it still looks the same. Others defended the BLACKPINK member by saying that she should be able to do whatever she wants with her body and face.

before and after her debut

BLACKPINK Lisa and YG Entertainment haven’t said anything about the rumors about plastic surgery. But it should be said that puberty, makeup, and a small weight loss can make a big difference in how someone looks, especially for someone like Lisa, who has been working hard every day to improve herself.

Also, there was no strong evidence that the singer of “Whistle” had had plastic surgery to make himself look better. So, until it can be proven that everything about BLACKPINK member Lisa is true, these rumors about her plastic surgery should be taken with a grain of salt.

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