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Islanders With Two Of Its Forwards Missing The Game -
Islanders Vs. Lightning
Source: Raw Charge
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Lightning Lost To Islanders With Two Of Its Forwards Missing The Game

Islanders Vs. Lightning
Source: ABC Action News

The Tampa Bay Lightning tried to win Game 3 without two forwards of the team, but they failed. They lost the game of the Eastern Conference Final by 5-3 to the New York Islanders.

The Lighting played without Brayden Point, who was taken out just moments before the game. They also had one suspended player, namely Alex Killorn, for his hit on Islanders’ Brock Nelson in the previous game.

It was visible that Nelson’s back was to Killorn prior to the hit, with Killorn seeing Nelson’s numbers the whole way. The delayed nature of the hit and the fact that the puck had already left Nelson didn’t help Killorn’s case. According to the standard rules of the game, it is always the hitter who should change his angle of approach to avoid or lessen the chances of contact.

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Play-By-Play Of Friday’s Game Between The Islanders And The Lightning

Islanders Vs. Lightning
Source: Raw Charge

Islanders’ Cal Clutterbuck scored the first goal within 13 minutes of the opening faceoff.

The Bolts tied the score towards the end of the first period after Sergachev took the help from Gourde’s assist to score.

Afterwards, Tampa Bay fell by 3-1 by the end of the second period with the two goals from Islanders’ Pelech and Beauvillier.

Lightning’s Ondrej Palat scored in the third period with an assist from Kucherov, and Sergachev cut the Islanders’ lead to one.

Lightning’s Johnson tied the game at around 8 minutes left in regulation after redirecting a shot from Cernak.

Both the teams were now briefly tied at 3-3.

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Then came Nelson’s hit with less than four minutes left in the clock which took the Islanders to 4-3.

Pageau was the last to score on an empty net to take the lead to 5-3.

Now, the Lightning will have to play out the rest of the series without their captain Stamkos. Stamkos stays out on account of his undisclosed lower-body injury.

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