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LG Wing/ Image Credits: evleaks
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LG Wing: Live Images Of The Device Appears Online With Few Specification Leaks

LG is one of the mass Smartphone manufacturers in the world. The company not only makes smartphones but also makes many Electronic gadgets. The company provides a wide range of choices to consumers so that they can afford a new phone based on their spec requirements. Everyone knows about LG Velvet as it is one of the most successful smartphones from LG. The device has done very well in the markets due to its decent price tag for premium features.

The smartphone industry is evolving very rapidly, as a result of this every company is trying to release unique devices to prove that they are part of this evolution. LG is on its way to release a unique phone to prove that it is a part of evolution and it is none other than “LG Wing“. There are few claims and leaks about the device and on top of that the device images have surfaced online, let us talk about them.

LG Wing
LG Wing

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Info about LG Wing

LG Wing has been on the internet for a few weeks and it has grabbed a lot of attention. As per info from the trusted sources, the device comes with 161.6 x 75.2 x 8.3 mm measurements. The device is claimed to be 6.8 inches, but there is no info about the type of the display and the Aspect ratio of the device.

LG Wing Compared With Samsung Galaxy Note 20/ Image Credits: Slashleaks

There are claims that the device will feature a Snapdragon 76G chipset with Adreno GPU, which is a decent chipset but not a flagship one. As per the claims, the LG Wing is capable of adding accessories just like the Asus ROG 3. The secondary display of the LG Wing is detachable and as per the leaks, it has a 4″ display. The device might come with 8GB of RAM with two storage options featuring 128GB and 256GB.

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When it comes to the pricing, there are claims that the device might cost over $1,600 which is very shocking. Users can instead get premium flagship smartphones instead of this device, but as there are just claims we shouldn’t jump into conclusions yet.

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