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What Was Leslie Phillips’s Final Net Worth In 2022, At The Time Of His Death

Leslie Phillips was born on April 20, 1924. He was an actor. This article has information about how much Leslie Phillips will be worth in 2022, as well as his biography, age, height, weight, and more. Leslie Phillips’ job has helped him become more well-known and make a good amount of money.

Leslie Samuel Phillips CBE was an English actor, voice actor, and author who was born on April 20, 1924, and died on November 7, 2022.

In the 1950s, he became well-known for playing smooth, upper-class comic roles with catchphrases like “Ding dong” and “Hello.” He was in the Carry On and Doctor in the House movie series, and he was also in The Navy Lark, a long-running BBC radio comedy show.

In his later years, Phillips played more dramatic roles, including one with Peter O’Toole in Venus for which he was nominated for a BAFTA. In the Harry Potter movies, he was the one who gave the Sorting Hat its voice.

Leslie Phillips: Career Details

Phillips first appeared on stage in 1937 at the London Palladium. He played a wolf in Peter Pan with Anna Neagle. During the 1938–1939 season, he was given the role of John Napoleon Darling, joining Peter, played by Jean Forbes-Robertson, and Captain Hook, played by Seymour Hicks.

After his father died, Phillips’ family had a hard time making ends meet. Acting helped him make extra money for them.  Phillips’s first movie role was in the musical comedy Lassie from Lancashire, which came out in 1938.

He also had uncredited roles in the early films made at Pinewood Studios, Climbing High (1938) and The Mikado (1939). When the studios turned 70 years old in 2006, Phillips thought he was one of the oldest actors who had worked there and was still alive and working.

Phillips got to work with Paul Robeson, who he admired a lot, on a small part in Ealing Studios’s The Proud Valley (1940). 

In the early years of World War II, Phillips worked in the West End for Binkie Beaumont and H. M. Tennent at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Air-raid sirens often stopped the shows, and Phillips later remembered that “the crowds would scatter and head for cellars or Underground stations.”

Phillips joined the British Army in 1942, and in the Royal Artillery, he worked his way up to the rank of lance-bombardier. Phillips was chosen for officer training at Catterick because he had picked up an upper-class accent. In 1943, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Royal Artillery. 

He was moved to the Durham Light Infantry in 1944, but just before D-Day, he was told he couldn’t serve because he had a neurological condition that made him partially paralyzed. He was sent to a psychiatric hospital by mistake and then moved to the right place to get help.

Leslie Phillips: Net Worth 2022

Leslie Phillips’ estimated net worth at the time of his death was $200 million.

Leslie Phillips: Cause Of Death

The English actor Leslie Phillips died on November 7, 2022. He had been sick for a long time, probably because he was getting old. Several sources say that he died peacefully while he was sleeping. But the main thing that killed him hasn’t been found out yet.

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