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Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7 Possible Release Date & Confirmation in 2022!

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is now running its seventh season, with the tenth episode launching on Wednesday, January 26. In Season 7, the Legends fought their robot clones while returning to their own time.

The CW drama has three episodes remaining, but they will not be published weekly as is typical. Everything you need to know about the remaining episodes of the season can be found right here.

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7 Finale Release Date

The thirteen-episode season will air on The CW on October 13, 2021. The season will conclude on March 2, 2022.

Role of Eobard Thawne’

Eobard Thawne (Matthew Letscher) will debut in next week’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and due to last night’s episode, viewers now know what his role will be in the next season. 

In the episode “The Fixed Point,” the crew travels back in time to save Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s life, therefore ending World War I. 

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They were opposed to saving Ferdinand because it would have resulted in irrevocable harm to the chronology. Rather than that, they meant to rescue him briefly, drawing the notice of the corrupted Gideon and the “bad Waverider,” the season’s primary villains. 

The idea was to grab control of the parallel Waverider while the evil robot Legends were engaged with repairing the temporal anomaly and leaving their Gideon alone.

One minor point: in the DC Universe, time develops an immune reaction when important events are altered. 

Consequently, Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) spends most of the episode trying and failing to rescue Ferdinand, then attempting again and learning from her errors. 

Sara’s regenerative abilities enable her to, as she puts it, “live, dies, repeat,” even though an infinite number of time travelers have attempted it before, with the majority dying.

Sara discovers the nature of time’s “immune response,” which is revealed to be a familiar figure opposing her interests, and things get a bit more difficult than they look. It is when Eobard Thawne comes into play.

It is not the Thawne that appeared on The Flash lately, but a different version that picks up where he left off in Legends of Tomorrow’s second season finale when the Black Flash slew him. 

And, as previously indicated, he is portrayed by Matt Letscher, who bears the “true visage” of Thawne, as opposed to Tom Cavanagh, who has the face of Harrison Wells.

He lacks access to the Negative Speed Force in this location, but the Time Wraiths have endowed him with the ability to freeze time. He is stationed on the day of Ferdinand’s assassination and charged with keeping any time travelers from traveling back in time.

Sara enters the fray, devising a way to circumvent the device and defeating Thawne in a fight. Rather than murdering him, she has a drink with an old adversary and informs him of her plan, as well as her lack of desire to break time. 

He agrees to fabricate the appearance of Ferdinand’s rescue, allowing the Legends 40 minutes to battle the Evil Robot Legends.

We’re assuming Thawne is more than this. After all, he is Thawne. What are the odds that he isn’t intending to hitchhike on the Waverider to avoid doing his time-consuming civic service? However, we now know precisely what his role is in next week’s “Rage Against the Machines.”


The Legends are trapped in 1925 Odessa, Texas, with a wrecked Waverider due to their battles with the aliens and their efforts to save Earth. 

Astra attempts to utilize her abilities to assist in issue solving, which garners undesired attention from the town and the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover, as well as a surprise. 

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Sara and Ava decide to flee and go on a crime spree with Hoover on their tails. Meanwhile, Zari is still reeling from Constantine’s death, and Behrad provides the only option he is aware of.

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