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Sister Wives Season 17 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Sister Wives Season 17

Sister Wives Season 17 has already started shooting, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown said. The two took advantage of Instagram Live. The Brown family’s latest actions were discussed with fans. 

There have been murmurs for years that TLC’s series will be canceled. The program, though, will return for a second season.

Meri’s live broadcast series “Fridays With Friends” started last year. Her companion Jen, with whom she regularly performs on stage, runs her bed and breakfast in Utah. 

Robyn photobombed her most recent Instagram live. When fans of Jen and Meri tuned in to hear from Kody Brown’s wives, they got an important update.

Sister Wives Season 17 Release Date

Sister Wives Season 17 is currently under production. Robyn appeared on Meri’s Instagram Live on Friday, January 7. Meri informed her that she had removed her mermaid jewelry earlier that day. 

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Fans may get a glimpse of her during Ariella’s mermaid-themed birthday event, but she was adamant about not giving anything away. Meri requested Robyn to assist her in reattaching the jewelry. Then she laughed off a joke about Robyn attempting to strangle her.

Sister Wives Cast And Plot

Sister Wives’ cast members have revealed the show’s 17th season. They took great pleasure in turning off their microphones when going to the toilet. They do not want to expose the crew members to more noise. 

Meri recalls an audio engineer lovingly mentioning her toilet noises. Fortunately, the sound engineer is a female, making the situation less unpleasant. Robyn Brown and Meri Brown started shooting for the next season yesterday.

Jen said that she was not a fan of the program. They do not watch it or read what others say about it. When the current season airs, fans discuss it, but they have no idea. They have no desire to be lured into that sort of negativity.

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Meri’s Instagram live stream included more than simply Robyn. Later on in the live broadcast, Kody Brown and Solomon emerged. “Hide Your Assets,” Ariella’s favorite party game, was one of the games they played. Kody had finally figured out how their surround system functioned to inform Robyn.

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