Is Laurie Hernandez Lesbian Or Not? Did She Reveal Her Identity?

Is Laurie Hernandez Lesbian? One of the most-asked questions on Google is about rumors about her sexuality. Let’s find out more about her husband or wife. Laurie is an American gymnast who is well-known and exciting. In her first tournament, the US Classic, she finished 11th as a junior in 2012. Since then, she has taken part in a number of Olympic games and competitions.

Also, Laurie was a member of the US Gymnastics Team at the Olympics in Rio in 2016. Her team won the gold medal, and she won the silver medal.

Is Laurie Hernandez Gay Or Lesbian? Did She Reveal Her Identity?

Laurie hasn’t put fans’ questions about whether or not she’s gay or lesbian to rest. After she shared a post about a lesbian on social media, maybe people are getting ready for something and adding fuel. To get right to the point, she hasn’t talked about it in person on the web yet.

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