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Lauren Goodger Looks Astounding Her White Blazer!! Showcases Her Ample Assets Drives People Crazy... - The Tech Education
Celebrity Hollywood

Lauren Goodger Looks Astounding Her White Blazer!! Showcases Her Ample Assets Drives People Crazy…

Daring Sense Of Style

Lauren Goodger cut a sexy figure as she enjoyed a night out at Jin Bo Law bar in London. This get up was for her 34th birthday on Saturday. No doubt, she is known for her sense of dressing.

The ex- TOWIE star ensured all eyes were on her as she donned a white blazer with a plunging neckline that displayed her ample assets. She completes her look with everything white to great sizzling temptation.

Source: Google

Further, she wore a matching pair of trousers for the evening and cinched her waist with a white belt. Lauren styled her beautiful locks into an updo towards the end of the evening.

Moreover, The star shared her pics on Instagram, which drove the public crazy. Her sexy looks deserve everyone eyes on her.

Additionally, She captioned her pic as ‘Making memories @jinbolaw_skybar my birthday with my best lot friends are family.’

How Well Her Day Ended…

Well, the beautician enjoyed another fun night out in Manchester for her birthday on Thursday evening.

Lauren shared several updates to her Instagram, where she sipped Champagne with her friends and even downed shots at Menagerie Restaurant and Bar.

Source: Google

Her interview recorded:  ‘No, I don’t talk to any of them, and they don’t speak to me. They’re good people; I’m not going to s**g them off. I can’t have that in my life.

Moreover, The star claimed her mother Cheryl ‘rejected’ her as a child, and she lived with her father. Subsequently, her father his own life when she was four.

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