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Latest Transcript Of Donald Trump: Here’s What He Said On The Town Hall Meeting

President Donald Trump recently talked about general issues and some other social problems during the Townhall meeting. The president answers to a question very professionally that it’s not necessary to take the decision presidentially. He then says that some things need basic decision making.

The Anchor during the meeting asked a question about the situation of the pandemic. Trump replied that they are trying their best to defeat this virus, and he also mentioned Chinese. He also gladly blamed China for causing this much trouble in the first place. He then said that they are pretty close in making the vaccine for the coronavirus.

Tubiana Asked Donald Trump About The Coronavirus Situation

Tubiana a random audience raised and asked a few questions to Trump. He requested that Trump did great at the beginning of the month to fight against the coronavirus but now why he is not so serious about the issue?

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In reply to this, Trump said that they are trying very hard to make the vaccine. He also said that if the previous administration had the chance to get the cure for this virus, then it would have taken them so much of time. He then goes by saying that they have great companies who are working very efficiently towards the virus.

Donald Trump Answers The Problem Regarding The Mortality Rate

Stephan, the Anchor, raised a question about the mortality rate in the country. In reply to this, the president said it’s true that since the coronavirus came in, the mortality rate has been increased. But he also said that if we compare the statistics reports with Country Europe and other nations, then it’s 25% much better than the other.

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The Anchor Asked About The Downplaying During The Beginning Of The Month

President Trump replied to this question by saying that he did downplay with the coronavirus information. But he also said that he did not want the people to panic after knowing the virus. Therefore, he kept it calm among the people and did not try to scare them much. As a result, Trump became the reason for most of the death in the country due to coronavirus.

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