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Donald Trump Warned Iran That If They Assassinate The US Ambassador Or Any Attack Against The US Will Result In Retaliation

President Donald Trump has recently tweeted on his social media that Iran may attack the US. In addition to this, he said that if this happens, then they will retaliate with more 1000 times force. He also said that Iran might be planning to assassinate the US ambassador ‘Lana Marks.’

The ambassador of the US will have to go to South Africa to attend a meeting. Recently the intelligence said that these kinds of threats have become pretty standard nowadays within the past few weeks. The Reports says that intelligence is more concerned regarding the ambassador.

Why Would Iran Assassinate The US Ambassador?

The threat is upon the ambassador is possible because Iran can perform an assassination because of the past conflict among the USA and Iran. Lana Marks is one of the US official members. Therefore the intelligence is in doubt that Tehran will retaliate this time for the killing of Soleimani. Iran disagreed with this report when it came out. 

If the assassination comes true, then there will be more tension among both of these countries. However, the election in the USA may come to a halt. It is for sure that Iran is looking for some of the other ways to take revenge for the death of Qasem Soleimani. But this would be there first step, the whole country and the intelligence doubt that.

The intelligence is taking this matter very seriously and trying its best to reduce the risk of assassination.

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Donald Trump Statement Against The Assassination

Donald Trump said that he would bring 1000 more force to retaliate against Iran if they try to assassinate the US ambassador. An unnamed intelligence source said that Iran is planning to conduct an assassination against the US ambassador ‘Lana Marks.’

Saeed Khatibzadeh Saying For The Wrong Allegation Against Iran

The report says that Iran has already planned for an assassination. Therefore they are taking this very seriously. The foreign ministry of Iran ‘ Saeed Khatibzadeh’ said on an interview that the allegations against Iran for assassination is false.

Donald Trump

He then said that this is just a method of President Trump to create propaganda by the Americans and to promote himself for the upcoming election.

The ministry of security of the USA has asked the South African agency to provide full protection for the safety of the ambassador. Lana Marks is close to Donald Trump, and she has been on his side for almost two years. Lana was born in South Africa.

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