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Lara Trump Is A Hypocrite!! Advices People To Follow Safety Guidelines But Goes On Breaking Them?!!

Lara Trump says she always encourages people to follow the guidelines, but she seems to be also supporting people for the lack of social distancing.

Lara Trump’s Advice

Lara Trump
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At President Trump’s Republican National Convention speech last week, Lara Trump said,

“We always, whether it’s at this event you saw, we always encourage people to follow the guidelines and do what they think is best for themselves”

Which sounds like a piece of reasonable advice given by someone from a higher power but then again she said this,

“At a certain point in this country, I think we all have to recognize that people want to get back to normal, and maybe it’s going to a Trump rally that does that, but we are always following the guidelines,”

This is not a smart move considering America is one of the countries with the rapid growth of coronavirus.

Lara Trump was also questioned about the President’s visit to Kenosha, which later became controversial because of the shooting of Jacob Blake.

She replied,

“The president is going there because he cares about every single American in this country,” 

The Case Of Blake

Lara Trump
Source: Google

And when asked about whether the President reached out to Blake’s family, she said,

“I know he’s reached out to the Blake family, [but] I don’t know for sure if that’s on the agenda.”

This sounds like if all is good in the White House, nothing outside matters.


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