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p8, 0w, 80b, 1lj, qh1, o, x, Andrew McDonald ays "IPL 2020 is going to be all about managing the individual" -
Andrew McDonald
Source: The Quint
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Andrew McDonald ays “IPL 2020 is going to be all about managing the individual”

Andrew McDonald
Source: The Quint

About a year ago, Andrew McDonald was appointed as the head coach of Rajasthan Royals.

Finally, he is ready to guide his team through the rescheduled IPL 2020 in the UAE.

Andrew says that he’s grateful for even the chance to play cricket in the present landscape. The BCCI and the cricketing community have done an amazing job to kickstart this tournament.

When it comes to the team, he says that there are a few things to sort out before the start of their season. Like whether or not to play the group of players that played the England v Australia series.

Andrew Feels That Managing The Headspace Of All Individuals Will Make A Difference

Andrew McDonald
Source: GQ India

Andrew also says that after the prolonged lockdown, what would be critical for everyone is to look after the mental side of the game.

This year what’s going on off the field around the world is more important than what will happen on-field.

He says it will be important to make sure that the boys spend time with each other. They must be distracted from what’s happening outside.

Other challenges will pop up after the first team is picked. There will be 14 players who won’t be involved and 11 who will be. Managing them and making sure that they are ready is one of the utmost challenges in any given tournament.

Andrew believes that this tournament is going to be mainly about managing the individual.

The collective team goal will definitely be at stake, but assessing all 25 players, and creating their individual programmes for their respective needs will do the trick.

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And that will include the coaching staff as well.

At times, people forget that coaches are going through precisely the same thing as the team. Andres says that it will be necessary to be on the know as to where’s everyone’s head at during the series.

If that is taken care of, then maybe the team will be at a slightly better position.

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